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The CASCONEHome Group success is based on real values that make the difference: experience and innovation, a global outlook matched with typical Italian craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and artisan precision.

In order to face the challenging complexities of the world in which we live, this philosophy researches, develops and implements original solutions, in harmony with architecture, nature and people.

Thanks to CASCONEHome’s wide range of products you will always find the best solutions to your needs.

At Cascone, in addition to finding a solution to all your needs in terms of windows (both indoor and outdoor), you can design and create every home environment choosing from the best brands of kitchens, sofas, bedrooms and furnishings.

Our goal is to put you in a position to think and realize your dream home in one place, without having to turn to multiple companies.

We love to establish a continuous relationship with our customers, guiding you in safe and quality choices in the design phase and guaranteeing you after-sales assistance, even after years.

CASCONEHome, a unique partner for all your needs.




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